eMarketing is marketing that utilises the Internet as a communications and distribution channel.
The appeal of email marketing lies in the fact that it is exceedingly cost effective; has immediacy; can be personalised for one-to-one communication; is readily measured; and allows marketers to execute online promotions with unparalleled precision.
The proper use of email as a marketing tool is when it is done on an opt-in basis. In other words people specifically give you permission to send them email messages (this is why it’s also called permission marketing). The power is in the hands of the message audience who retain the right to opt out anytime they wish.

With opt-in email marketing you deliver your message to the appropriate target audience and so can generate good quality traffic to your web site. High response rates are typically generated because you are sending targeted messages to people who specifically want to know more about your products/services, making them more responsive to your message. A common form of email marketing is email newsletters or e-zines.

Amethyst’s ability to integrate your contact data with variable or fixed graphics will enable you to be as targeted as you desire