Utilising a cluster printer setup

You will see online and in documentation allot of people shouting about the new plant that they have just installed for laser personalisation and direct mail printing.

You will see claims of we have a HP this or a docuColour that and it will provide x number of pages per minute. This is all well and good but lets look at the alternative. Take a number of smaller high end office printers (Amethyst opted to use HP Laserjet 9000s) add to this a software system that can drive all of them together or in fact any number of them in any combination you want and you have a far more versatile solution.

As an example you can get a Nuvera 100/120 which is a high end laser printer and can do all sorts of wonderful things like finishing processes and runs at 120 pages per minute. Offering a good quality finish and speed for the direct mail industry.

If you compare this to a cluster setup of 6 laserjet 9000s which will run at 300 pages a minute and produce print to the same 1200dpi spec it leaves few advantages to the larger machine.

There are also added break down insurances that are vital to the direct mail industry if a single large machine breaks down even if you have a next hour on site back up solution you would still loose an hours production. With the cluster set up if one breaks you simply loose that percentage of you production until its fixed so in the case of 6 printers 1/6th of your output. You are still able to produce and still able to meet those deadlines.

This is why Amethyst opted to utilise a cluster printing mechanism for the laser personalisation of our clients direct mail another example of Amethyst doing everything they can to ensure that they get the work out on time and budget.