Case Studies

1 - Large charity based client

The client came to Amethyst to take control of their quarterly magazine mailing of varying quantities ranging from 50,000 to in excess of 100,000.

Amethyst audited the clients mailing activities for this project and proposed alternative postal options that could be achieved and accessed through Amethyst with a potential saving of in the region of £5000 per mailing! Amethyst now manipulates the data for this client to maintain savings and constantly monitors the best solution to suit their needs.

2 - Commercial client undertaking monthly direct mail mailings

The client had been working with Amethyst when it was decided to review and manufacture a bespoke solution to handle their mailings. The client was spending a great deal of time combining the data lists, cleaning and formatting to their requirements. Amethyst consulted with the client and built a bespoke mailing system that will take the data supplied and automatically assign the correct letterhead, letter and variable data to that particular record.

The Solution combines 7 different letterheads and 24 different letters all automatically created for the clients data records.

The client now simply supplies the data to Amethyst and we do the rest.

What clients say:


“Amethyst’s pro-active management and service makes the production of our mailing campaigns
seem so easy.”


“To us print quality is paramount – with Amethyst we get it, every time, on time.”


“It is what Amethyst’s people know and their personal commitment that is the priceless bonus.”


“Amethyst has never let me down.”