Campaign Management

Is it for you?

If time is of the essence for you then you should consider campaign management. This is basically where you hand over the day to day running of your campaign to a designated person and they will then manage the campaign for you leaving you free to handle more pressing matters. There are agencies that offer this service. However, many of the end suppliers also offer some degree of campaign management - by taking advantage of this service from the end supplier you achieve a benefit on two levels, these being that you are now dealing with the people that will be producing your mailing and also avoid the middle man's slice of the pie and therefore save money. Amethyst's campaign management service is detailed below.

Campaign Handling

Your Account Manager will ensure the smooth running of your mailing campaigns. Their role is to take care of every detail, and remove you from the day-to-day stress, thereby allowing you to concentrate on other more important aspects of your role. John Rowling, our Managing Director, will head your team. He is available to visit you to discuss any aspect of your campaign planning and management. Through your Account Manager, or direct, you also have access to key members of the production team for their technical advice.


Amethyst has extensive experience of managing complex marketing campaigns for many Blue Chip Clients. We fully understand the commercially sensitive nature of some of the material we produce and handle on our Client's behalf and undertake to protect the integrity of that material at all times.


For your benefit we will not agree a schedule that cannot be achieved. Once agreed we aim to deliver on time, every time. This means that with many campaigns we have managed, once the campaign has been established, it is not usually necessary for the Client to become involved again until it is time to discuss setting up the next phase or a new campaign.


Our systems are designed to keep you informed at all times. You are released from the daily chore of progress chasing but still remain in control of your campaigns. Regular mailing reports of activity will be issued detailing quantities and dates of collection by Royal Mail.

Quality Control

Every project that Amethyst manages is controlled through rigorous Quality Control Procedures. This ensures consistency of performance and provides documentation of all stages of the production process.