Variable Imagery for direct mail!
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Variable Imagery

Direct Mail

What's in the post? Direct Mail can be more precisely related to more specific marketing situations than any other advertising media.

Whatever heading it falls under advertising, fundraising, public relations or sales promotion. Direct Mail scores time after time against other media. It's more selective. It's more flexible. It's more easily controlled. Its results are more easily measured. For these reasons, and particularly because costs can be related so directly to achievements, Direct Mail comes into its own when you need to see every pound of your budget stretching as far as it will go.

Amethyst working towards environmental accreditation.

Amethyst sets out its aims for accreditation towards its environmental policies to find out more visit our  news page.

Exciting new products and more capacity

Two new products have been added to the personalisation department including colour and heavy stock personalisation to find out more vist our news page.

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